Are you ready for the Internet of Things revolution?

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Author: Taixin Source: Unknown Release Time: 2019-01-03         

The Internet of Things is expected to bring everyone a relaxed and comfortable life in the next few years. Tired of washing clothes? Let your robot do it! Want to frighten that bird-eating squirrel? Create a squirrel monitor detrctor! Hate shopping? Let your refrigerator order for you! Want to discount more insurance premiums? Wear smart bracelets for six weeks so that the insurance company can track your health and give you the insurance discount you want!  

The revolution of the Internet of Things is beginning, and it will change our way of thinking and working. In fact, many of the blind activities we do every day or every week can disappear completely, giving us more time to read, play with our children or continue to travel. It will also promote the development of every company in the world. For example:   

Mining now relies heavily on the Internet of Things strategy to carry out the work of people in previously dangerous situations.            

Smart City is rising to help you find the right parking space in front of your favorite restaurant. It can also make other incredible improvements, such as sensing bicycle modes to monitor bicycle paths and locations, and to monitor the exact location of gunfire. Very useful!       

Farms began to track weather conditions to protect crops from storms and water them in time. Ultimately, each corn field will have sensors that can collect data and analyze them to improve crop yields. And potatoes, carrot fields and so on.        

Driverless cars rely on the Internet of Things to help people travel around the world. Drivers need cars to rely on the Internet of Things to prevent accidents and park them in parking lots in smart cities. 

Insurance companies are moving towards the Internet of Things to help them understand your health status, disease trends based on your DNA characteristics, and lower your premiums because you drive too slowly. (that's me!)    

If there are no people, none of this would have happened. According to Gartner, to 2020 years, the business process and 50% system will use some form of Internet of things. This is a huge change in the next 2 years and means a great opportunity to those who has the willing to learn about new skills.            

But this also means that the company will change. Your company must start the digital transition, otherwise it will collapse. Also, you must adapt to the new era began to think of ways.            

It is quite similar to the situation that Internet began forming in the early 21st century. At that time, many companies have not fully prepared, some people resist it, some people ignore it. Today, the company has gone, an almost complete collapse of the industry is the newspaper publishing industry, many of them are not successful.    

They did not succeed, because they do not see the coming of the Internet revolution.            

We are at the beginning of a new revolution.           

Are you ready?