Unmanned retail and unmanned driving spark!

Author:tysin Source:Admin5 Release Time::2019-04-01

Author: Taixin Source: Unknown Release Time: 2018-12-24      

In recent years, you can’t be more familiar with unmanned retail with unusual popularity.
Driverless cars are no longer mysterious advanced, high-tech products.            


But what will the combination of driverless and unmanned supermarkets look like?      

This is the Robomart driverless supermarket car abroad.      

Robomart works with Nvida to use these unmanned supermarket cars to deliver goods to consumers in need.      

It has no driver, no salesman, no cashier, only one car.            

Just place an order on the app and press the confirmation button after choosing and purchasing the goods you want.            

The system will assign the nearest Robomart to the consumer, carrying the goods ordered by the consumer, to the designated location of the consumer.    

Robomart is equipped with sensors and cameras to analyze road conditions in real time.    
Robomart has several layers of shelves. In addition to food, Robomart also has some daily necessities and even flowers.    

 Every item on the car carries an RFID tag. When the item is removed, Robomart combines RFID and machine vision recognition technology to automatically identify which items the consumer purchases and automatically check out.       

 Robomart bodywork can be customized, such as: the brand LOGO of partner companies, which is also a good means of publicity.     

 Robomart has a large space and a refrigeration cabinet.      

Some intolerable meat or cake will be specially placed in refrigerators to ensure that the food delivered to consumers is fresh.  

How about it? Did it surprise you?