RFID Electronic Tag

Chip: Customizable           

Antenna size: customizable           

Label size: customizable           

Optional Fabrics: Self-adhesive Copper Plate Paper (PET Substrate) +Aluminum Etching + Self-adhesive (Printable, Printable)           

Optional process: blank/digital printing           

Storage capacity: 144 byte/888 byte           

Working frequency: 13.56 MHz           

Communication protocol: ISO14443A           

Read distance: 0-1200CM (related to antenna, reader power and working environment)           

Working Temperature: - 10 ~65           

Data Preservation: > 10 Years           

Erase times: > 100,000 times           

Application Description: Asset Management Item Recognition Library Management Warehousing Management, Clothing Suspender, Asset Management, Logistics Management, Other Secondary Processing Open Mobile Applications, Dial Phone, Store Information Card, Write Web Site, Information Exchange, etc.