Manufacturing and Logistics

y constantly arranging work in the production workshop, tracking the tools workers are using, counting the inventory of goods in the warehouse, and labeling the goods, we can help you to do this better and build an intelligent supply chain for you. Simply and seamlessly integrating identification solutions into your existing processes can improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations.   

For manufacturers, timely and accurate feedback from production lines is very important. In the past, these information can only be counted manually, which is time-consuming and laborious, and can not be very accurate. RFID technology can realize the whole process tracking of products on the production line, automatically record the operation information of products at each node of the production line, and transmit these information to the background management system in real time, so that the management department can timely understand the production situation of the production line, even the location of a product, and achieve higher quality control and various on-line measurements.          

Through the RFID middleware, manufacturers can connect the RFID system with the existing manufacturing management system of enterprises, and build a more powerful information chain. The management department can obtain accurate information of products on the production line at any time, and provide a scientific basis for enterprises to formulate reasonable production plans, so as to enhance productivity and improve the utilization rate of assets.           

The application of RFID technology will have a far-reaching impact on information management, quality control, product tracking, asset management and storage visualization management of manufacturing industry. RFID technology will greatly improve productivity and save production costs.