Energy industry

Reliable asset tracking solutions in harsh environments          

Designed specifically for the special needs of public utilities and oil and gas industry, RFID-based solutions provide a visual working process for your inventory, positioning and management equipment requirements.           

Since our products can be applied to the harshest environment in the world, we can help you to automate your enterprise asset management tracking and supply chain process management, which can greatly reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and provide a visual process for your equipment maintenance and management. From the construction and exploration stage to the production and sales stage, Tysin has the mature automatic identification solutions you need:           

RFID technology can be used to ensure that the pipeline interface is properly placed in the crude oil supply chain. Although barcode has been used and will continue to be used in these areas, RFID technology has proved to be a more reliable method to ensure that the correct parts and torque pressures are used in the assembly process. RFID tags can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions and can still be used after the barcode is cleaned or worn out.          

Intelligent patrol inspection is a RFID application project with characteristics of petroleum and petrochemical industry. It uses RFID technology to realize the navigation of patrol inspection line and the collection, transmission, processing and storage of patrol information such as patrol location, personnel and events. The patrol inspector can automatically record patrol data without touching the patrol point and reappear the events in the patrol area in real time.           

The oil and gas sector and almost all other industries are facing asset tracking problems. Certain assets are difficult to label and track because of their size and geographical scope.

Active RFID technology can monitor and manage inventory and fixed assets in any environment.   

System characteristics:           

1. Strengthen on-site data acquisition and reduce production costs            

2. Improving the accuracy and timeliness of data            

3. Suitable for any harsh environment such as high temperature and high pressure           

4. Realizing automatic real-time management of vehicle information           

5. Helping Explorers Maximize Oil Exploitation