Government and National Defens

From the foundation to the field, it is essential for government entities to accurately locate, count and track their assets.   

RFID is an automatic identification system. It can identify high-speed moving targets and identify multiple targets simultaneously through non-contact radio frequency signals, without manual intervention. It is fast and convenient to operate, and can adapt to various harsh environments. Whether military materials are in any link of procurement, transportation, storage, use and maintenance, commanders at all levels can grasp their information and status in real time. RFID can collect and exchange data between reader and electronic tag at a very fast speed; it has the ability of intelligent reading and writing and encrypted communication, unique password in the world, and strong information confidentiality, which provides a feasible technical way for military logistics to require accurate, fast, safe and controllable. The Ministry of Defense will use RFID tags to track goods delivered by suppliers and goods shipped to the front. When an order is shipped to a warehouse of the Ministry of Defense, the electronic tags attached to the goods are read. The computer will automatically register the goods and remit the money to the supplier account. When the goods are disassembled and ready to be shipped to the distribution center, they will be scanned again. When sent to the front line,they will be scanned many times. When goods are reduced, they are also automatically recorded.    

 The application of RFID technology has become an inevitable trend of accurate, fast, safe and controllable development of military logistics, which will bring revolutionary changes to the supply chain management of military materials.